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Trial Results

Bitter Rot in Apples: Positive Results using Fertilizers that are Rich in Calcium
That calcium supply has a major influence on apple quality is a fact that has been known to fruit growers for a very long time. The stabilizing effect of Ca2+ on the cell membranes and cell walls is of prime importance. Bitter pits, water core, flesh and skin browning – all these quality-reducing physiological disruptions to fruit development can be headed off using systematic calcium leaf fertilization. Trials using _Gloeosporium fruit rot in Pinova apples were carried out at Ahrweiler’s Kompetenzzentrum (Center of Expertise) to find out whether calcium fertilizers can stabilize the fruit cells so effectively as to make it difficult for diseases to penetrate.
Effect of Carrying Out One-Time Fertilization on Apple Calcium Levels when using Folanx® Ca29 at an Advanced Stage 
In 2007 trials were carried out at an orchard company in Friedrichshafen/Lake Constance to see whether _a one-time fertilization with Folanx® Ca29 at an advanced stage can still affect apple calcium levels.
Folanx® Ca29, the New Calcium Leaf Fertilizer – Still Effective when Applied at a Later Stage?
At two orchard companies in Meckenheim (Rhineland) tests were carried out under practical conditions to find out whether Folanx® Ca29 can also be successfully used as a calcium fertilizer for apples _during the later growth stages. The experiment was carried out in the 2007 growing season.
Folanx® Ca29, the New Calcium Fertilizer - Effect on the Physiological Change in Calcium Content in Apples during the Growing Stage
During the 2007 growing season a field trial using Folanx® Ca29 was carried out at the Ablasser Obstgarten GmbH Company (Sornzig, Saxony). The trial set out to examine how treatment with Folanx® Ca29 changed the calcium content in the test apples _during the growing phase compared to the control group treated with a calcium nitrate fertilizer.
Testing the Effectiveness of Ca Preparations as an Alternative to Calcium Chloride and Calcium Nitrate 
_Two experiments using Folanx® Ca29 were carried out from 04.07.2006 - 20.05.2007 at the Land- und Forstwirtschaftliches Versuchszentrum (Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry) in Laimburg/South Tyrol. The goal was to find an alternative to calcium chloride (CaCl2) and calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2).
Calcium Formate as a New Leaf Fertilizer for Apples – Effect of Treatment Timing and Intensity on Calcium Content and Quality Parameters
In 2004 a _trial using calcium formate (in a 45 % suspension; now available on the market in a fixed formula under the brand name Folanx® Ca29) was carried out at the OVA (Fruit Research and Extension Centre) in Jork-Moorende. The objective was to test whether calcium formate can be used as a leaf fertilizer for apples instead of the standard calcium chloride (CaCl2) and calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2) treatments.