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Folanx® product line: Single nutrient fertilizers

_Folanx® Ca29 - the calcium-formate-based calcium leaf fertilizer for fruit farming and viniculture 
Active ingredient
40.6 % CaO (29 % Ca from calcium formate) in the form of a dust-free and highly soluble microgranulate
Folanx® Ca29 contains calcium formate, which is very quickly taken up by the plant. High calcium concentrations increase the mechanical resistance of the cell walls to the penetration of a wide range of pests and pathogens.
Calcium promotes the stability of the plant cells and thereby also reduces physiological damage to fruit and plant parts.
Folanx® Ca29 is licensed for use as an EC fertilizer.
_Folanx® B - the boron-calcium leaf fertilizer as a dust-free and highly water-soluble microgranulate 
Active ingredients
Boric acid: 2.5 % water-soluble boron (125 g water-soluble boron/ha)
Calcium: 33 % CaO (23 % Ca from calcium formate)
Folanx® B is quickly taken up through the leaf and blossom. Folanx® B promotes pollen tube growth, improves the fertility of the blossoms and can protect the blossoms from frost damage.

Folanx® B ist is nitrogen-free.
Folanx® B is licensed for use as an EC fertilizer.