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Indications - Pip fruit

Time of treatment 


Purpose of treatment

- From "red bud" to "end of blossoming" stage 
- "After-crop"

2-3 times 1.0 L/ha
_Folanx® B1  

2.0 L/ha
_Folanx® B1

- Optimizes bud and fruit setting
- Improves skin quality
- Improves _calcium transport
- Promotes resistance to microbial pathogens

- Blooms to "walnut size"
- Late July to harvesting

Multiple applications at an interval of 7-14 days 
5.0 kg/ha _Folanx® Ca291

- Precaution against bitter rot and physiological storage diseases
- Improved fruit color
- Optimizes fruit flesh quality
- Reduces susceptibility to diseases in storage

1  EC fertilizer